Checkerboard 1980s style

Published November 11, 2012 by vorpalswrd

So I just got my stamping polish in the mail this past Friday and I LOVE checkerboards so checkerboards it is. As I mentioned before I have a cheapy stamping kit from CVS and the full pattern plates are too small for my nails (which aren’t all that big to begin with). I went with a half pattern nail design to cover this issue up and I love the results. Yes the stamping isn’t perfect (you don’t want to SEE my non-dominant hand…), but I think I pushed hard for fun color contrasts and got just what I wanted. My black and white stamping polishes are from born-pretty. My black nail polish is Confetti – Black Tie. My pink is Wet and Wild – Lavender Pearlescent. I used scotch tape to do this mani and worked in this order: pink base coat, stamp black checkerboard, tape off to paint black, tape off to checkerboard stamp white.


Happy (Late) Halloween

Published November 10, 2012 by vorpalswrd

Here is my candy corn (yes, overdone) nails I did for trick or treat night. ┬áMy white is Confetti – Wedding White. My orange is Sally Hansen ┬áHard as Nails – Rock a billy. My yellow is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – Mellow Yellow. I painted my whole nails orange then taped off to do the yellow and orange.

Welcome to yet another nail blog

Published November 10, 2012 by vorpalswrd

Like so many of us in their darkest hour I have decided to start yet another blog that I won’t ever update. Not only that I have created a nail blog – like there isn’t enough already…

I was a terrible nail biter, and still a cuticle picker, from an early age until my mid to late 20s. I just turned 30 last week or so to give you an idea of my history of gnawing away at myself. I really got into painting my nails after getting a cheapy stamping kit from CVS last year from my mom. I figured there was no way it could do what it advertised but lo and behold…not too bad. Stamping polish, 40+ (pathetic I know) nail polishes, and some decals later and I love doing my nails several times a week. Yes, I like my nails to match my clothes, so sue me ;p (men always bring this point up). I am still very into water marbling even though it seems like it is going out of vogue. I just got myself some stamping polish so I am working that into my rotation as well. I am also having fun with some french manicure tape and regular tape manis.

I have benign familial tremors which causes my hands to shake so my nail jobs can be so-so, but my creative color choices and such tend to make people not notice lol. I also don’t have a great camera (I usually just use my phone), but if people start reading and commenting maybe I will at least start using our regular camera (still not a fancy one). And like I mentioned I still pick my cuticles so please don’t shake your head in disdain at me I’M GETTING BETTER lol. I just want to put some of my ideas for manis out there and see if people respond *love and kisses* –*–Angelique